‘Your Property Matters’

In our last post we said we would talk about our rental properties and the challenges of every day management.

Every property is unique and every resident is different in the way they expect agents to respond. At Abby Waters Management we encourage our tenants & owners to report any issues to us as quickly as possible so we may deal with the problem straight away. This could be from something as simple as a dripping tap to a large flood or fire alarms going off at 2am. As it is very important to us to look after our Landlord’s investment the quicker we are aware of the repairs required the quicker we can arrange for our trusted contractors to visit.

Over the years we have gained a very good relationship with several local tradesmen including electricians, cleaners, roofers, gas engineers, plumbers & fire safety officers. Several of them are also happy to carry out other works if required. For example, one evening at around 10pm we had a call from a tenant whose bath tap would not turn off. Unfortunately our regular plumber was on holiday so we called our electrician, (who has plumbing experience) and he happily met us at the property at 11pm to carry out the repairs. These relationships are important to us to ensure we can continue the smooth running of our management at all properties. We carry regular inspections of the buildings and yearly checks on rentals but in the interim if any issues arise our tradespeople will let us know and 99% of the time carry out the repair themselves.

Trust is very important, we have to trust the trades we work with because our Landlord’s trust us to get the job done and that is the most important part of our commitment.

Why? Because ‘Your Property Matters’